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noun: a person committed to making a difference in the world

noun: a person committed to making a difference in the world

Who is an everyday hero?

A person who helps others, changes someone’s life for the better and is committed to making a difference in their community. A person who does this all with love, respect and care.

You know them, we know them and we think the world should know who they are too.

Celebrate Our Heroes

We know there are hundreds of thousand of people committed to having lasting positive impact on their communities and the world. Most likely these Everyday Heroes don’t even realize the impact they are having and the importance of their actions because to them this is just a part of who they are.

We want to recognize these heroes and thank them for all their efforts. Help us celebrate those doing good in the world by nominating your hero.



Who inspires you? Do you know an Everyday Hero who deserves to be recognized for their impact on the world? We want to know.


Share your Everday Hero in an IG post or story, tag us @goodmanbrand and tell us why they are your hero. Don’t forget to include #GMBEverdayHero.


Each week we will be selecting one hero to celebrate and feature on our IG feed. They’ll be receiving a gift from us to honour the good work they do.